Mensa Recommended and Advanced Oxygin

Oxygin was evaluated at the Mensa Mind Games competition in Austin, Texas in April 2014.  Mensa is the American High-IQ Society, and their annual Mind Games event is open to publishers of new games.

Oxygin was very favorably received, and as one of the their top-rated games, is now officially Recommended By American Mensa!

Here are some select comments from the competition:

1)    “Excellent game play.”

2)    “My favorite game of the weekend.”

3)    “I could play this game ALL DAY!…Great for lovers of both card games and word games.  MY FAVORITE!”

4)    “How did it take so long for someone to make a word-gin game? Wow.”



If you want a longer game and a bit more challenge, try Oxygin with the advanced variation rule that the player that Gins must have at least a four letter word.  Big fun!

Oxygin Card Game
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