Q. What does “Oxy” mean in the name Oxygin?

A. Oxy is a Greek prefix meaning “sharp”, so Oxygin is “sharp gin”.

Q. Can you play with more than four players?

A. Yes, up to 8 players. Play to 100.

Q. What are the blank cards for?

A. They can be used to replace lost cards and should otherwise be removed from the deck.  Alternatively, they can be used as wild cards and incorporated into the game.  If so, a blank card can be any suit and letter the player chooses.  When a blank is played as part of a word, the player must identify what letter it represents.  Blank cards score no points as letters in a word, but can serve to lengthen words for a long word bonus.  When a player cuts for deal and draws a blank, they can identify it as any letter they choose.

Q. What dictionary do you recommend?

A. Check out the app called “Word Finder for Words With Friends” by Richard Loxley Ltd for your mobile device. Outstanding.  The 5th Edition Scrabble Dictionary is also good.

Q. What percentage of the cards are vowels?

A. 30%

Q. Are the words listed on the “All acceptable two letter words” the only two letter words allowed?

A. Yes, unless the players agree to the use of a dictionary that contains two letter words not listed on the card.

Q. Why is the word “HI” not on the two-letter word list?

A.  Oops!  It was inadvertently left out and will be included at the next printing.  For now, please note that HI is an acceptable two-letter word in the game.

Q. If one player has two words of the same length that are the longest words played by any player, do they get a bonus for each word?

A. No, only for one word.

Q. May a player play two words of the same color?

      A. Yes.

Q. Why are the yellow and green cards so close in color?

A. The rough similarity in color seems to be emphasized under fluorescent “energy-saver” lights.  We plan on modifying the colors at the next printing to more easily differentiate between the four suits.  For now, try segregating the yellow and green cards in your hand, keeping another suit between them.  Alternately, you can use a thin black ink or marker pen to trace the edge of the green squares on each green card.  This is a very effective solution to the problem.

Q. Can Oxygin be played in other languages?

A. Yes, but obviously don’t use the two-letter word card. Experiment, and have a good foreign language dictionary handy!

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